Teen Time

Manage kid's screen time and locate them anywhere

Parental Control app for Android


...of teens have access to smartphone1


...of teens are using their devices 'almost constantly'2


...or 9 hours average teen spend consuming media daily2


...of teens check their phone at night3

1 https://www.geekwire.com
2 https://www.washingtonpost.com
3 https://www.bbc.com

How we started and where we are

Teen Time started as a tool, created by parents of 2 kids.

You can't ignore the technologies and all advantages it brings into your kid's lives. Unfortunately, often parents have to start constantly observing mobile device usage, keep track of apps and games the kids are using.

Exactly this happened in a family of software engineers. This is how Teen Time - Parental Control Application for Android was born. It was working well for some months and finally came on Google Play.

Since than, we also added geolocation and geofences functionality.

Now it allows us and thousands of parents around the Globe to be aware where the kids are, when they're not close. Easily see if they came to school on time or got back home safely.

Let's create the most useful Parental Control app! Try Teen Time now and send us your feedback.

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