Teen Time – Parental Control App for Android

Greetings! We create a very special parental control application & do hope that it will be useful to you as well. It has features that helped a lot of parents to get their relations with kids better. For kids, on the other hand, it helps to get better grades at schools, be less distracted, start to see the world away from their phones and tablets.

Teen Time consists of 2 applications: Teen Time for parents and Teen Time for Kids. Those apps work together and in sync to let parents change any restrictions, update schedules and check reports remotely. But that’s not all. It also lets you to track movement, get notifications about preset places arrival and keep connected with SOS widget.

Once you setup Teen Time on kid’s devices and explain its purpose to the children, you are free about your business while being confident that your children are not overusing their devices and are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Key features of Teen Time:

  • Full restrictions for selected apps on smartphone and tablet
  • Partial restrictions of some apps (daily screen time limits and schedules)
  • Control over just downloaded applications
  • Device usage restrictions at defined periods of time (school time, night time etc)
  • Device geolocation tracking
  • Notifications about arrival and departures from preset places
  • SOS kids widget notifications
  • Device usage statistics
  • Device status: sound & battery levels, GPS etc
  • Remote sound level setup
  • Parent messages that are automatically drawn over other running apps
  • GPS accuracy and refresh timeout setup

Our main goals for Teen Time development are:

  • Arrangement of device usage by kids
  • Helping to set rules and restrictions
  • Providing information about kids location in near real-time

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