Application Blocker setup

App blocker allows you to permanently block any application installed on kid’s devices as well as automatically block any new applications.

How to set blocked applications:

  1. Open “App Blocker”
  2. Choose applications you want to block from the list
  3. Tap “Save”

How to setup automatic app blocker

  1. Open “App Blocker”
  2. Select a rule for the new apps
    • Don’t block – won’t automatically block any new apps
    • All new apps – will automatically block all new applications. You will be able to enable them later
    • Age rating 10 (13, 17, 18) and above – will automatically block applications not suitable for your child’s age
  3. Tap “Save”

Please note, any changes you do in Teen Time app will reach your children’s devices within few minutes and requires mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection available. If the connection is not available when you did your changes, settings will be delivered on kids devices as soon as they will go online.